The Diabetes & Wellness Clinic, has its vision is to provide quality clinical care to patients through its CARE model (Comprehensive Affordable Rational and Empathetic)

A diabetes care that is Comprehensive, i.e. covers all essential elements of clinical assessment and management with appropriate use of technology, a service that is of ensured quality and yet Affordable with a system in place that no patient be denied care just because of lack of affordability, a treatment protocol that is Rational and does not unnecessarily prescribe, promote or patronize anything that would not benefit that particular patient, and most importantly gives sufficient time to each patient, with Empathy, to help both doctor and patient understand each other in faith, so as to be realistic in treatment and its monitoring, while they together conquer the disease or prevent its complications as a team.

The clinic provides following Out-Patient services

  • Expert consult for issues: Diabetes including Gestational Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, High cholesterol and Obesity management
  • Expert Consultation with Senior Consultant Specialists
  • Dietician and Diabetes Educator
  • BP, BMI, Body Composition Analysis (BCA), Point of care testing (POCT) of essential blood tests
  • Facility for e-Consult/Teleconsultation for monitoring or patients located distantly or unable to come to clinic
  • Vaccinations for adults
  • ECG Facility
  • Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT or Biothesiometry) for testing Nerve function in Diabetes patients
  • Instant 3 months glucose average test (HbA1c) with result in 5 mins from a finger prick only
  • Fundus/Retina screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

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